Future Combat Simulations was formed in 1983. Our first product was StarBattles (Mainline).

StarBattles (Mainline) was originally designed as an expansion to another game. But the other company was not interested at that time. So, F C S was formed and the game was re-designed as a stand alone game. Several supplements were produced, as well as a newsletter. But all that seems like eons ago.

Decades later the game was dusted off and re-worked. The result of that endeavor is StarBattles Destroyer. Same basic concept but with emphasis on "what you have is what you got" in a star cluster where such things might be hard to come by. StarBattles Destroyer also introduces a more superior combat vessel, the Newline State-of-the-art Destroyer, as well as a series of lesser capable vessels that are useful nonetheless.

And finally, in order to be more green and less wasteful of paper, the rules have been made available as a PDF. The all important Control Sheets can be purchased (and less expensive to mail than the entire game rules) with a starting package to get you playing. Other units will be made available from time to time. Watch our blog for when and where.